Program Reviews:

We offer concrete contribution to efforts in this city to improve the lives of people in need.    We also offer the opportunity for people from other worlds to reap the benefits of Christian service, to learn about “the poor,” and to learn the Gospel with a Salesian and Catholic Social Teaching focus.
Participants improve the lives of Camden neighbors just by being here, being friendly, open, respectful, kind, and normal.    And they serve via the various ministries DSW is connected with that offer very practical assistance.

Reflections from students who participated in DSW retreats:

“Our service did not accomplish dramatic and ‘big’ things. Poverty, drug trade, illiteracy, and hunger will not be wiped out by the efforts of our group, but our kindness, respect, gentleness, am56nd compassion made real differences. the values of Jesus, highlighted by DeSales, have the power to changes people’s hearts”

“I encountered people who are very different from myself- individuals who are homeless, addicted, from different backgrounds of language, education, experience, race, ethnicity. But our differences dont need to prevent us from making a connection”

“Spending time in a place of extreme and obvious need inspired and challenged me to make service a regular part of life in my setting at home- my town, school, and with family and friends”