Several of  our summer interns have sought to bring better understanding of the city which they serve by using text and video to document the stories of those who live there.

The Camden 5
Stories of five senses interpreting one city.
by Alex Meier. Summer 2013

You’ll never feel fully nourished living off birthday cake.

Through Our Eyes
The Experiences of the Undocumented living in Camden, NJ.
By Mariannie Zayas, Summer 2013.

Fear is normal, but if we don’t open our mouths we won’t be heard.

DSW Interns of July 2013
Short reflections on life as a DSW Summer Intern.
By Mariannie Zayas, Summer 2013.

There is something undeniably special about this city.

Capturing Camden
A video blog with raw interviews of Camden residents. Click on link for all 10 interviews.
By Maryanne Hayde, Summer 2012