Volunteers come to serve, yet many say they often received more than they could have imagined while serving. This is because ministry is a relationship- an equal undertaking ┬áthat is to each’s benefit.

Room and Board

DSW Volunteers live together in community in a beautiful former rectory. Our building has tons of history and has served as a place of hospitality for many years. Jesuits lived here for 30 years, and since 2009 the Oblates and DSW have carried on the tradition of the Catholic church in the neighborhood.

Monthly Stipend

$110/ month. We don’t want serving others to be a financial strain! That’s why DSW covers all your living expenses, and your monthly stipend is purely for personal use. Living simply on a small budget helps you decide what you really value.

Personal Growth
and Development

  • Four community retreats throughout the year
  • Opportunity for spiritual development and formation
  • A curriculum of discussions and readings on the four DSW pillars

Professional Development

  • Professional work experience at top rated nonprofits in Camden
  • Connection to the network of Oblates

Health Insurance

Each volunteer is eligible for health insurance provided through the Catholic Volunteer Network. Many volunteers chose to stay on their parents plan, but if not, we’ve got you covered!

Loan Deferrment

  • Volunteers are able to defer loans during their time of service so you don’t gain interest
  • DSW staff can help facilitate this process

Credit for Grad School

Several universities give admission considerations to applicants who have done extended service.