Congratulations! You are about to take the next step towards an exciting journey of service, prayer, and community with DSW in Camden!

Here's a friendly document that helps outline the application process even more

Application Documents for Service Year

A completed application will contain the following:

The Preliminary Application is a quick way to express interest and get the process started

The full application consists of short answers and one long essay. It help’s us get to know each other better! A good application helps you discern as you go, as you’ll get to understand what we value based on what we ask.

You can fill out the full application by one of the two ways below:

These are forms to give your references- people whom know you well and are able to speak to your abilities and experiences.

Application Process

  • February 15: Preliminary Application Priority Deadline

    Easy form that indicates your interest in the program

  • Talk with a Staff Member or Volunteer

    Helping you find the right program for you- Whether it's DSW or another program!

  • March 15: Essay and References Priority Deadline

    Applications processed in order they are received, and are accepted until all positions are filled

  • Phone Interview

    With DSW Screening Committee and Ministry Site

  • April 15: Acceptances Sent

    Announcements begin and info for Fall Orientation sent

Rolling Basis

DSW accepts applications on a rolling basis until volunteers are placed at each site.

If you’re interested in a ministry field not listed here, let us know and we’ll find one for you. Email Mike Morgan, Director, at