Details of the Program

Summer Immersion is designed for students who want a professional intern experience while learning about issues of social justice in an American inner-city context. It provides an in-depth service experience that a short visit with a school doesn’t have enough time for. Interns live, eat, pray, and serve together at various sites throughout Camden. Each Intern is placed at a ministry that matches their gifts with a need in the community. Whether you are artistic, good with a camera, or enjoy being a positive presence to kids, you will make an impact on someone’s life while serving in Camden.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Father Mike, at or call the office at (215) 582 – 1666.

Ready to Apply?

Below are all the Application Documents you need to sign up for DSW’s unique internship.

  • Facilitate an after school program at a nearby low-income housing project
  • Paint a mural on an abandoned building
  • Video blog with interviews of Camden residents, capturing their stories
  • Plan events in the neighborhood park: e.g.- basketball tournament, movie night, etc.
  • Serving at a youth technology training and education center which helps high school dropouts get back on track and into college
  • Serving the homeless Tent City residents
For a further look at the daily life of a DSW Intern, check it out here- Camden Chronicles!

What’s a day in the life like? Here is a snapshot of a single day as a summer volunteer with DSW:

“Today we went to New Visions Day Shelter, or Franks Place as its called, which is a homeless day shelter. We sat down with the homeless, chatted about their days, and played checkers and yahtzee. Our ministry was being a presence, someone who is willing to listen, and to converse with the homeless like the equals they are. In the evening we were graciously invited into the home of Sherine, a friend and neighbor across town. She’s from Jamaica and has been living in Camden for several years now. Sherine shared about her experience here, how her perspectives have changed since being here, and why her and her husband decided to live and buy a home in Camden. We discussed the negative images of Camden, structural causes of inner city plight, and what we can do to change it. We decided outsiders like us picking up trash is one step to making things beautiful, but doing it along side residents and not doing it for them is the next step.”

You can read more snapshots about Summer Immersion like this on Mike’s blog

The benefits of service to the poor are many, but most importantly- it will change your life! If you have served in Camden or a similar place of need, you know how rewarding it is to dive into a ministry and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Benefits include:
  • A truly life changing experience that endows you with new perspectives, meaningful relationships, and the ability to more purposefully engage with the joys as well as brokenness of the world around us
  • Community Service credits towards your school
  • Hands on experience in your related field of study
  • Networking with Camden non-profits, churches, and with other Camden volunteers

The required cost of a Summer Internship is $400. This helps cover room, board, and activities in our parish retreat house for the three weeks of service. If you are unable to meet the cost of a Summer Internship, financial help can be provided. Many past interns also fundraised for their time of service. We definitely do not want any one’s financial situation to prevent them from serving!

  1. April 1st- Applications Due
  2. Phone Interview- After Application, references, and essays are received
  3. May 1st- Announcements of Acceptance go out

The dates for Summer Immersion change each year. Below are two possible time frames.. Summer time is busy for everyone, especially students, so we try to accommodate as many schedules as possible. If you are not available for the dates below, please let us know an alternative time frame when you would be available and we will make it happen, as it’s likely other’s will have similar requests.

Dates (Subject to change depending on interest):

  • Session 1:   May 28- June 18
  • Session 2:  June 26- July 17

Application Process

  • Online Application

    Expresses your interest in the Program, Background Questions

  • April 1st

    Essay and References Due

  • Phone Interview

    With DSW Intern Coordinator

  • May 1st

    Acceptances Sent!