Finding Our Vocation

By Brendan McCann

’17-’18 Service Year
February 2018

We live in a society that really stresses the practicality of life decisions. This isn’t a bad thing because it is important to know your limitations as well as maintaining a certain level of safety and security. However we shouldn’t let this stop us from taking risks. A service year is something that many may consider a risky move. You’re living in a new place that probably has a jaded reputation and making next to no money. Our culture seems to push for a job right after school so you can start making money to pay off debts and live a life of luxury. Imagine if there were a push towards the betterment of society as a whole, what would that look like? Would we have all of the same problems that we have right now? I’m not saying that everyone who makes an above average salary is a completely self-centered person and it’s not as if everyone needs to be working for a non-profit either.

When I think about what I want to be doing with my future I often ask myself will I enjoy this and does it have a clear and positive effect on others. I find that so many people are willing to trade off one if not both of these goals for the sake of money. This makes a certain kind of sense because a person can find comfort outside of a workspace, especially if they have the funds for it. It’s difficult for me though because if I’m going to be spending a majority of my time in a certain space I don’t want to be hating every second of it even if I am being well compensated. As far as seeing the benefits go that is just an innate desire that I have for fulfillment, one that not everyone shares. At times it seems that finding both of these things and making the money to at least live modestly is not something so easily obtainable. All things considered it wouldn’t be very worthwhile if it were easy because it would limit my growth as a person. I’ve seen people be able to find their dream jobs but it rarely clicked right away; it took time of exploration, growth, and risk.

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