Haiti, Six Months after the Earthquake

Haiti 6 months

Over six months have passed since the tragic earthquake struck Haiti and changed millions of lives. There was a tremendous outpouring of support from people throughout the world for the people of Haiti, and many friends of the Oblates were generous in their assistance of the Oblates and our ministries in Haiti. However, as time has passed the situation in Haiti has receded to the background in news coverage and in many of our minds. While we may not be as aware these days of the pressing needs of many of Haiti’s people, that need still exists.


Today I am linking to a letter from the president of Catholic Relief Services about the efforts of CRS in Haiti in the six months since the earthquake. Much has been done, but the situation is still dire for many people.



For information on the important work being done by Oblate Fr. Tom Hagan and his co-workers, as well as information on giving and volunteering in Haiti, please visit http://www.handstogether.org/.
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