Service Matters – Third Week of Easter

15 April 2013

Third Week of Easter


A project of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in Camden, NJ, 

DeSales Service Works welcomes volunteers to join 

in service, prayer, and learning in our struggling neighborhood.



  •  Service Word
  •  Last Week in Camden
  •  Upcoming Events
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1.  Service Word   John 10:27-31

Jesus said:

“My sheep hear my voice;


How do we hear God’s voice?

God is within our core; we are hardwired by God.


Maybe some people receive visions and signs.   Dreams can offer insights.


But I want to suggest that most ordinary place to listen for God’s is within our longings and affections.   Like so many things, this is almost easy to experience in the extreme setting of Camden.    You can hear God in the unsettled feelings that come from seeing the poverty and need here.   You can feel it in how volunteers respond to our kids.   It is in the powerful desire of people who come here to do something to help.   All that is God speaking, calling us to be loving and generous—to be who we are created to be.


Connection with Church, our community and our tradition, intends to attune our inner ear to the shepherd’s voice.   And remember “Church” is never only the leaders.


Volunteers and visitors respond while the are here, again it is almost easy here since stark need is right in front of you every way you turn.   But DeSales Service Works’ reason for inviting people to Camden comes down to helping people who visit take service back to their home—likely places with less obvious and dramatic need.   But God’s voice calls us to serve and love everywhere we are.

(At the same time we are very, very grateful for all volunteers do for this community!)


-If you listen to your feelings and insights right now, can you ask what God might be saying to you?

-How does our Church help you hear God’s voice?

-Do you experience God as being at you core—your heart, soul, spirit?



2. Last Week in Camden

Salesianum, Father Judge students served here last week.   Students from Bishop Ireton were here Thursday to Saturday.   Friday they worked around April showers to feed the hungry, visit with the homeless, and beautify Holy Name School chapel.



3. Upcoming Events

A youth group from St. Patrick’s Parish near Cape Cod in Massachusetts arrived Sunday night to begin their time here.

Monday the 27th Salesianum homeroom will be here; this is their last homeroom trip for the year.   It has been great working with service director Zach Ryan and Oblate chaplain Patrick Kifolo because of their commitment that made so many trips possible and because of the way they help the students connect with Camden.



4. Links

DeSales Service Works Summer Internship

Live and work for three weeks serving in community and with our neighbors.   Participants focus on one main project and also work together on other projects to get a broad sense of life in this city.   Projects include a summer camp in the park, home visits, community gardening, and tutoring.  Check out blog entries from last year Summer Internship Program.

This year’s dates are: Session I May 26-June 16  Session II July 7-28.    

For more information contact

program director, Mike Morgan, at

or call Fr. Mike McCue at 215-582-1666



Have a great week, Mike McCue

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